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Crowdsourcing for InfoSec

About a week ago, I saw a tweet by @c_APT_ure referencing a new category in the established domain-tagging system at OpenDNS. They (OpenDNS) recently added both a malware and botnet category that can be submitted for review (official announcement here). For those who don’t know how the domain tagging works, it basically goes like this: […]

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Thanks for Sharing

Guess What? Sharing information about new threats and threat indicators really can make a difference! Most people reading this post are probably saying DUH!, but I thought I’d like to present a case study that occurred over the past two days. Before I start, thanks to everyone involved for giving me enough fuel to make […]

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A Survey of Computer Incident Information Sharing Frameworks

As with my last post, this was originally written for an intermediate assignment in my M.S. program. It has already been submitted for credit and slightly modified for the for the format. Comments or questions here or @digital4rensics are always welcome! Introduction, or Why These Frameworks? Computer security incident details are deeply technical, but it […]

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